Ancient Cities This cruise takes you to the magnificent hand-carved Petra ruins, Cairo’s 5000-year-old Egyptian symbols, and Valletta’s historical markings left by different powers that conquered the city.


Encounter the genuine power of nature, from the gigantic Geysir, to breaks in the very Earth itself, and the world’s biggest outside regular underground aquifer, the Blue Tidal pond.

The Frozen North’s Extraordinary Wildnerness

Rambling timberlands, untamed life in real life and monster gorges are what you will observer in this remote land, also the exceptionally old icy masses that you will actually want to see straight very close. Any place you look, amazing yet tranquil landscape will anticipate to blow you away.

The stunning views from Baobab Avenue and the island of Madagascar’s one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind landscape are two of the island’s most notable features. Appreciate seeing the numerous creatures, verdure native to the island during your visit.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is much of the time considered as one of the prettiest harbor urban areas on the planet with its stunning landscape. Because of how well-balanced the sprawling cityscape and natural landscape are, it has been designated a World Heritage Site.

New Zealand is an island in the Pacific Ocean that is home to the indigenous Maori culture as well as the picturesque Milford Sound. This normal miracle is comprised of amazing perspectives, including cascades shaped by chilly meltwater slicing through the precarious mountain, and wild creatures calmly laying on rocks.