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The second I showed up into Walhalla through the winding mountainside streets, thick with local woodland, I was paralyzed. It was just flawless.

Why for heaven’s sake hadn’t I visited (or even knew about!) this shocking time-case mountain town prior?! I continually search out exceptional spots in Victoria, and Walhalla is presumably quite possibly of the most particular spot I’ve visited to date.

“Venturing back in time” is a particularly abused travel buzzword, yet with no gas stations, business structures, and several bars, occasion houses and conventional style shops, Walhalla truly is a genuine country escape from standard innovation.

Walhalla is presumably the nearest you’ll at any point get to encountering what life in Australia was like during the 1800s. I was totally dumbfounded by this captivating exhibition hall town.

Presently an end of the week in Walhalla is my main proposal for anybody who needs a peaceful and extraordinary mountain escape yet with a lot of activities. The beguiling streetscapes, view and wealth of fascinating exercises like a legacy train ride and underground mine visits give an impeccably adjusted end of the week.

I have been enthusiastically anticipating the opportunity to expound on, and share my affection for this spot after numerous visits in my camper van. In this aide, I’ll share how to capitalize on a superb end of the week in Walhalla!