Actress I Choo Po, who was converted to Christianity by her husband, Ko Moe Mee


Scotney Severe (Westerham Brewery; Public Trust), 4.3%, Britain Reminiscent nutty nose, then, at that point, a sense of taste that is brilliant, sweet and thick with honeyed notes. Superb with Mr Trotter’s Pork Scratchings. 16.5

Destruction Bar, Sharp’s Bottling works, 4.3%, Cornwall, Britain There are not many corners of the nation where you can’t find the unmistakable ‘wave’ mark of Destruction Bar. It’s all over the place, and it’s absolutely reliable. Great new roughage and cannabis nose, the sense of taste fragile to the reason behind dullness, all things where they should be without any pinnacles and box. As Ponsonby says, “it could need character yet it’s a remarkably cunning lager.” 16


Beavertown Brown haze Rocket (can), 5.4%, London, Britain Beavertown lets us know this fine watchman was roused by the Modern Upheaval – and the incomparable London exhaust clouds. It’s made with nine distinct malts including the smoked German Rauchmaltz – it’s smoky, thick, chocolatey, with an expressive malty pleasantness toward the completion. Attempt with vigorous grilled meats. 16.5

Natural product

Liefmans Kriek, 6% (2012 packaging), Belgium
Made with regular yeast and cherries – served at La Gavroche with chocolate pudding. A strong fruity nose prompts extraordinary gouts of cherry on the sense of taste, the fruitiness then moderated by generally excellent sharpness and tannin. Adjusted and new, attempt with natural product tarts or (à la Gavroche) chocolate pudding. 16.5

Shelter Kriek, cherry, Belgium, 4.5% Tart, with fine causticity and heaps of cherry natural product. Incredible pleasantness on the plalate set off by the corrosiveness and great mousse. This is a transcendent food lager – attempt with pork tummy or ceviche. 16.5


Duvel Tripel Bounce Belgium, 9.5%, Saaz, Styrian Goldings Extremely fine golden tint, magnificent sense of taste with adjusted causticity and propping dryness prompting a wonderful grapefruit/citrus finish. As complicated as a decent wine, requesting food – attempt with vigorous cold chicken dishes. 16.5

Duvel, Belgium 8.5% Thick and fruity. All that in lower key here, this is a more business, receptive lager, simple on the sense of taste, not over-complex but rather entirely drinkable. 16.5


Geuze Mariage Parfait 2012 8%, Lembeek, Belgium Five years of age. Sweet, oxidized and extremely complex with a touch of iron chains in the mouthfeel. The sense of taste has citrus, apple and pear noticed, a few verdant fragrances. Great completion, exquisite, somewhat decayed. Still feasible. 16.5
Likewise tasted


Staropramen, Czech 5% Weedy, hoppy nose, flavor drops off in the mid-sense of taste and scarcely recuperates, marginally oxidized, uninspiring. 14.5

Earthy colored Lager

Newcastle Brown, 4.7%, Britain Awesome Newky Brown, so suggestive of adolescent gorges; those nutty fragrances plunge me straight back to the 1970s and nights aromatic of regurgitation and Brut facial cleanser. Sadly it doesn’t hold up. The nose is fine, even exquisite, yet the sense of taste is slight, off-putting, and brimming with openings. ” You simply feel it’s been made with modest fixings,” Ponsonby says. 14


Goose Island 312 Wheat Brew, 4.2%, Chicago, USA Complex, wheaty, green nose brimming with summer aromas. Disheartening sense of taste, level and metallic prompting a level completion. This could be a group issue. 14

India Pale Brew

Shipyard IPA, 5%, USA Goodness dear. The new cut-grass nose is promising however the sense of taste drops into a dark opening. Little flavor and no length. Ponsonby: ” great for Mexican eateries to suppress the force of your bean stew.” 14


Guinness, 4.2%, Dublin, Ireland Guiness is broadly conflicting relying upon whether it’s draft, packaged or canned, and whether you’re savoring it Dublin, or London, or elsewhere on the planet. This, from the can, is expressive spot on, simmered and malty, yet the sense of taste is level, dull and unacceptable. 14