DJ Violet, who sent birthday wishes to her mother-in-law, Nae Myo Aung, who is not yet married

Hi all. I’m Nicole Brewer from Detroit, MI. I went to the College of Michigan and moved to Chicago where I worked in statistical surveying for a couple of years prior to being laid off. I got a new line of work showing abroad in South Korea and more than 5 years after the fact I’m actually jogging all over the planet educating, as of now in Oman.

I went to graduate school last year in Germany and did a multi month research stay in South Africa prior to getting back to Oman for one more round as an ESL (English as a Subsequent Language) educator. I’ve figured out how to travel widely during my time showing abroad in Asia and the Center East, running to near 40 nations.
Nicole on a performance experience to Abu Dhabi. Nicole on a performance experience to Abu Dhabi.

TT: Wow! Enlighten us seriously regarding your most intriguing ventures.

N: One of my most fascinating ventures would need to had been the 3 months I spent in Cape Town, South Africa the previous summer. I was so thankful to be acknowledged to do a late spring research stay as a component of my alumni studies with the Erasmus Mundus program I did in Germany last year.

My alumni program is called NOHA (Organization on Compassionate Activity), which I did to assist with my drawn out objectives of beginning a movement related NGO/not-for-profit rousing youth to study and travel abroad.

During my time in Cape Town, I explored for my proposal and worked a temporary job at Sonke Orientation Equity Organization. It was such an enlightening encounter living in Cape Town, going to UWC (College of the Western Cape) and furthermore interning parttime at such an astonishing association that is helping ladies and youngsters. That experience of being in South Africa will always remain with me.
Nicole jogging to Delhi, India. Nicole running to Delhi, India.

TT: Wow! How could you track down the cash to support this movement?

N: I got a grant through the Erasmus Mundus program that helped with my everyday costs to concentrate abroad and work in Cape Town, South Africa.