Sae Su Myat Shwe, who posted pictures of her getting close to model Khin Lum Mo while watching her husband’s NATO tours.

That is, “voyaging” is an action that individuals do, while “travel” is something that ends up peopling. One more method for seeing this is that “travel” is the aftereffect of “voyaging”.

Considering that “voyaging” and “travel” are generally very intently tied (when one occurs, the other occurs), the two can in some cases be utilized fairly conversely.

One distinction, however, is that “voyaging” typically suggests a particular individual (or individuals) going to a particular objective, while “travel” simply depicts development overall.

Hence, when we are discussing generally speaking ideas of many individuals going better places (for instance, “air travel”, or “business travel”), we as a rule discuss the subsequent development (“travel”), not the (individual) movement of going to a specific spot (“voyaging”).

Discussing the movement by and large suggests you’re alluding more to a particular occurrence or a particular individual voyaging some place.

So on account of your model, either structure could in fact be utilized, however since the setting is by all accounts discussing “individuals going spots overall” and not “a particular outing” or “a particular individual’s movement”, then, at that point, for this situation I think “travel” is presumably the more suitable word.