The initial step of the Coursera login process is making a record. This will permit you to get to the courses in general and materials accessible on the stage. To make a record, essentially go to and click “Join” in the upper right corner of your screen. Then, finish up all of the necessary data, for example, your name, email address, and secret word. When you click “Join” at the lower part of this page, your new record will be made.

The following stage in the Coursera login process is confirming your new record with an actuation code that will be messaged to you whenever it has been made. Whenever you have opened this email from Coursera, click on “Enact Record Now” and enter in your actuation code precisely as it shows up in this email. All this will actuate your new record and make you one stride nearer to getting to its highlights.

Since your record has been checked, it’s the ideal opportunity for the last step: signing into it. Just go to and enter your username or email address and secret word into their particular fields prior to clicking “Sign In.”

You ought to now see a welcome message from Coursera telling you that you have effectively signed into your record. From that point, go ahead and investigate all that Coursera brings to the table.