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A Coptic journey site, it is known for its great twelfth and thirteenth century rock holy places. Underground stone monuments cut into the stone incorporate the monster Bete Medhane Alem and the cruciform Bete Giyorgis. Considered one of the miracles of the world, the 11 chapels of Lalibela, Ethiopia, were exhumed from strong stone and contain an immense underground labyrinth of passages and ways.

The rough landscape incorporates precipices, profound valleys and levels home to uncommon Walia ibex and gelada monkeys. Tall pinnacles incorporate the transcending mountain Ras Dashen. Climbing trails wander through the recreation area to Suncover, Geech and Chenek camps. Universally compromised species, for example, the renowned Walia ibex, wild goats found no place else on the planet, gelada primates and the Ethiopian wolf live here.