As you can envision, numerous contentions are likewise against Puerto Rican statehood. These include: Puerto Ricans would need to settle more charges, including the U.S. annual expense. Such a move could cost Puerto Rican’s a level of global freedom, eliminating their capacity to take part in certain rivalries, similar to the Olympic Games.

Turning into a free country could lopsidedly influence the unfortunate inhabitants of the residents of Puerto Rico, a significant number of whom depend widely on the guide programs that the US offers.

On the island, Puerto Rican statehood is regularly gone against by the Well known Progressive faction and the Puerto Rican Autonomy Party. In the US, individuals from the conservative faction are by and large saw as the main rivals of Puerto Rican statehood or full autonomy.
The Short term

A Demonstration of Congress – endorsed by the Leader of the US – is expected to make Puerto Rico a state.

That appears to be impossible. At the last part of the 2021-2022 Congress, the US Place of Delegates passed a regulation that made Puerto Rico a state. The bill passed 233-191, with by far most of the yes votes coming from the Leftist alliance. The Senate didn’t follow up on the regulation.