Because of the reflection on the white pasty shakes, a full moon at Al Nyhaya is one of the most brilliant and most enlightened encounters to at any point have during a full moon.

During the non-lunar days the light contamination in The Incomparable Sand Ocean is low to such an extent that stargazing is unavoidable. It will make the most of you lose on falling stars and fail to remember the sky ought to be dull at evening time.

Recover your brain and body at the mending waters of the Siwa salt lakes and take the coolest pictures just 30 mins

Straightforwardness is the core of everything. Assuming you shift focus over to the desert, clearly the desert is extremely straightforward yet it’s brimming with life, it’s loaded with stowed away places and the magnificence is that it looks basic yet it’s perplexing in the manner that it communicates the spirit of the world or God.

Going to Al Nyhaya implies going to Siwa! It is a little desert spring town in the Western Desert of Egypt. It is around 5o km east of the Libyan line and 300 km south of the Mediterranean coast.

Venturing out from Cairo to Siwa is a 8hour drive via vehicle.

Heading out from Alexandria to Siwa is a 6hour drive, ofwhich 3 hours westwards along the Egyptian North Coast to the city of Marsa Matruh. Once showed up in Matruh it is a 3 hour roll over the desert parkway toward the south untill its end objective Siwa!

We give transportation between the desert garden town of Siwa and Al Nyhaya. We will get you by 4×4 and hit the desert. The way to Al Nyhaya is a 30mins trip through the sand hills of The Incomparable Sand Ocean and is a remarkable encounter all alone!

We can assist you with organizing your outing from Cairo, Alexandria or North Coast to Siwa. Our drivers can get you from Cairo, carry you to Siwa and hang tight for you as long as you want and afterward take you back to Cairo. We have vehicles for 4 individuals and vans for up to 10 individuals.

Confidential flights direct to Siwa from Cairo or Red Ocean air terminals in Egypt, Europe or USA can likewise be organized upon demand.