From the look on Nico Cyprien’s face, it had been an essential encounter. He kept on shouting with energy long after he was concealed – and possible when too far to hear – as he rappelled down the cascade on the Fleur Jaune in Cilaos, high up on Réunion Island in the Indian Sea among Mauritius and Madagascar.

It says a ton regarding an island just 51km at its broadest and 72km long that somebody who has been excitedly directing guests for more than 10 years is as yet delighting in the island’s joys.

Also, it’s not difficult to see the reason why this French ostracize settled here subsequent to living on five landmasses and crossing a large portion of the globe.

Réunion is a French division (territory), implying that a call to Paris, 9000km away, is a neighborhood call. The departure from Paris is one of the world’s longest “homegrown” flights.

Réunion has the most noteworthy mountain top in the Indian Sea and probably the best foundation on any island, including the most costly street “in” France.