I followed Daouda into the drug store room when he went to get her prescriptions. I let him know that I needed to cover the bill for Awa. He took a gander at me strangely, so I said once more, trusting my pronunciation would be better this time “I need to pay for it.”

He grinned, and afterward copied me precisely and said, “I maintain that the facility should pay for it.” To a large number of us, this may not appear to be a great deal, thinking of her as treatment cost US$ 12, yet in Sénégal that was seven days’ compensation.

Daouda wouldn’t allow me to pay, on the grounds that Awa was essential for my Sénégalese family. He realize that I had a lot of cash to pay for the young lady’s treatment, however in his reality connections and family are the most loved things.

The Sénégalese culture can be caught in single word: teranga, meaning cordiality. One of its numerous articulations is that you might be welcomed out of the blue of day or night to drink attaya, a hot and unpleasant green tea typically prepared and served in three rounds.

Each gather takes together to an hour to get ready, and is served better than the last. It represents kinship, becoming better with time. Teranga is a lifestyle that treats others with consideration and regard, similarly as you would family.