On November 13, 2015, 55-year-old English pioneer, Henry Worsley, set out on the west shoreline of Antarctica.

He pulled his own sledge, stacked with his tent, skis and arrangements to keep him alive for the 950 mile, 75-day endeavor.

The excursion required a frosty move of 10,000 feet up Wiyek Edge, crossing the South Pole, with an expected victorious completion on the east coast at the lower part of Shackleton Glacial mass.

He needed to be the main individual to cross the whole landmass, solo, unassisted and without supply drops. Having made two past endeavors to the Land That Needs You Dead, Worsley realize that Antarctica had procured that moniker.

On January 13, 2016, two months after Worsley started his undertaking, the boat Gem Ensemble and her 600 travelers, my significant other and I included, set forth from Buenos Aires on our excursion to Antarctica.

Otherwise called The Incomparable White Desert, Antarctica’s cruel climate has a typical temperature of short 58 degrees Fahrenheit, under two creeps of yearly precipitation, 90% of the world’s ice, twists over 50 mph and a typical rise of 9,000 feet.

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