The response to the conundrum, “What ventures to the far corners of the planet yet remains in the corner,” is a stamp. This is on the grounds that a stamp will travel all around the world on the mail it is connected to, yet a stamp is still generally positioned toward the edge of an envelope.

The conundrum, similar to all puzzles, is an inquiry intended to fool individuals into over-thinking the response. It expects resourcefulness to track down the response or the significance. There are numerous different questions, also.

One more illustration of a conundrum is “What has a foot yet no legs?” In this conundrum, the response is a snail.

Here is one more illustration of an enigma that individuals normally use: Destitute individuals have it, rich individuals need it and assuming that you eat, you’ll pass on – what’s going on here? The response to this question isn’t anything. This is an extraordinary illustration of how puzzles can have misleading questions or, for this situation particularly, require a creativity to concoct the response.

Individuals, while attempting to tackle a conundrum, ordinarily stall out and can’t find the response since they aren’t contemplating the enigma’s inquiry the correct way. To this end questions can be exceptionally interesting and many individuals appreciate attempting to address them or make up new ones.