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16. Raw Cacao Chia Balls: These energy bites are easy to make with just four ingredients. Chia seeds not just bring crunch, they may likewise assist you with keeping up with solid cholesterol levels. Structure a batter by beating the almonds, dates, chia seeds, and cacao powder in a food processor. Enjoy the dough by rolling it into balls.
17. Raw Energy Power Balls We are aware that these three lists contain numerous ingredients, but bear with us. As the blogger says, the mixes are interminable. The coconut oil and date base continues as before, yet go ahead and get innovative with the add-ins. We suggest combining spirulina for a hint of greens, cacao powder for chocolate, and hemp seeds for omega-3s.
18. Peanut Butter Mocha Energy Bites Without an espresso-based recipe, this list would not be complete. Get a couple of these to load up on carbs and energy prior to going out on your morning run. The peanut butter, oats, and flaxseeds will keep you going, and maple syrup provides just the right amount of light sweetness. Add a cup of coffee to get even more energy.
19. Energy Balls with Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate You had us at dark chocolate. Be that as it may, in the event that you’re not ready, hear this: Dates are used for their natural sweetness, and almond butter and walnuts provide satiety. Additionally, these are extra filling and protein-packed thanks to the crisp quinoa.
20. This recipe for Trail Mix Energy Bites is so good that you’ll want to make two batches because it’s the ideal snack to take on a weekend drive or hike. A salty, crunchy flavor created by corn flakes, pretzel bits, and crispy rice cereal pairs well with chocolate and peanut butter. You’ll at no point ever purchase a prepackaged bar in the future!
21. Triple Chocolate Energy Nibbles

Definitely, these are really astonishing. They are the real deal thanks to the inclusion of chocolate chips, chocolate peanut butter, and cocoa powder, as well as honey and oats to balance them out. The way that they’re somewhat similar to eating treat mixture doesn’t annoy us the slightest bit.
22. No-Heat Chocolate Cranberry Energy Chomps
Ideal for snatching as you run out the entryway, these balls highlight uncooked quinoa. That is correct; raw. The protein-rich seed (in addition to flaxseeds and almonds) makes them crunchy, yet what you’ll truly go for is the chocolate chips. Since they’re made in a food processor, you’ll get a little chocolate in each chomp.