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Bogota is a city of captivating differences where you’ll find comparing engineering, a different populace and food as shifted as its way of life

Moving toward the 500th year since its establishment, Bogota has remained Colombia’s capital city since the nation proclaimed its freedom from frontier Spain in 1810. However, regardless of the detachment, Spanish effect on Colombian cooking won. Over the long run, this impact has amalgamated with local Colombian, African and Arabic foods – close by those of encompassing nations – to make genuinely different and special Colombian flavors.

Dissimilar to the food of different nations, Colombian charge can be separated into six particular provincial cooking styles: Amazonian, Andean, Caribbean, Separate, Orinoco and Pacific. As the capital city, Bogota catches components from this large number of territorial foods to make an eating scene loaded with brilliant dishes and beverages. Here is a rundown of ten of the top apparatuses of Bogota cooking and where they can be tracked down in the city.

Known as Bogota’s popular mark dish, ajiaco is as much a piece of the Bogota experience as the city’s temples and mountains. Because of the city sitting at a height of 8,646 ft (or 2,620m), the weather conditions can get very cold. Accordingly, ajiaco is the ideal solution for warm up your internal parts. This hot soup is made with chicken, potatoes, spices, corn, and avocado – and conveyed with a serving of rice. Go ahead and add cream and escapades for extra surface and flavor.

Where to attempt: To encounter ajiaco like a neighborhood, you’ll need to visit 200-year-old La Puerta Falsa (Calle 11, No. 6-50) – the city’s most seasoned eatery. Arrive as soon as workable for lunch so you can get a seat effortlessly. In the event that the stand by is excessive, it merits looking at adjacent La Escuela Eatery (Calle 9, No. 8-71), which is additionally situated in the delightful La Candelaria region.

Ajiaco soup with chicken and vegetables


Delighted in across the American locales in general, the Caribbean, and, surprisingly, a few previous Spanish settlements, tamales are an unquestionably well known apparatus of Bogotan eateries. Every region has a variety, with Colombia’s tamales comprising of rice, corn flour and chicken. The fixings are enveloped by plantain or banana leaves and will quite often be a lot bigger than their Mexican partners.

Where to attempt: As tamales can fluctuate from town-to-town, Bogota is loaded with various variations of tamales. For the tamal tolimense rendition of the dish, frequently served for breakfast with a cup of hot cocoa and cheddar, visit Pastelería Florida (Carrera 7, No. 20-82). However, be cautioned: the bits are monstrous! Assuming you’re veggie lover or veggie lover, you’ll track down breakfast and noon tamales at La Esquina Vegetariana (Carrera 11, No. 69-26).