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When you show up in Bogota, the smell of arepas in the air lets you know all you really want to be aware of the prominence of these tortilla-like maize treats. Made with a blend of wheat and corn flour, cheddar, spread and sugar, and got done with a garnish of your decision, a protected dish will sound engaging and harmless to most. History buffs will be intrigued to realize that earth sections dating great into the pre-Columbian period have been tracked down in Colombia and Venezuela – recommending that arepa could be a practice that is millennia old.

Where to attempt: Attempting them new is the key. One method for doing that is by visiting Misia by Leo Espinosa (Avenida Carrera 7, No. 67-39), a relaxed and cordial diner that is home to a few staggering newly squeezed juices. Minuscule El Envigadeño (Calle 23, No. 5-19) may look unappetising to vacationers from an external perspective, however within has an absolutely charming tasteful that doesn’t feel constrained. Goodness, and the arepas are tasty as well.

Newly cooked arepa with broiled meat


Each cooking needs its own headache fix, and caldo is exactly that. This morning meal or dinner soup served blistering has two essential changes: caldo de costilla (stewed in meat ribs) and caldo de carne (overflowed with a cut of hamburger). The actual soup highlights potatoes, cilantro, garlic, onion and, obviously, meat. It’s so exceptionally famous as a headache cure that cafés found near Bogota’s clubs, and well known bars will remain open late so they can serve caldo.

Where to attempt: Assuming that you’ve lived it up all in all too much toward the night’s end, then, at that point, the nearest place that serves caldo is presumably your smartest option. For every other person needing to appreciate caldo (instead of sedate with it), attempt the Square de Mercado de Paloquemao (Av 19, No. 25-02) – an old ranchers’ business sectors where you’ll find caldo de costilla being served in the slows down. In any case, assuming you frantically need that headache fix, Caldo Parao Gigio (Calle 161, No. 18-35) is open 24 hours per day.

Caldo de costilla


This natural organic product ‘tea’ uses spices, new leafy foods stick to make a scrumptiously hot drink. Certain eateries will give you different natural products that you can place into your heated water to mix it with the fruity taste that you want.