The singer, “Khaa Hyu” brags that she will soon hear the news in a bridal dress.

Where to attempt: As aromática is a tea-like refreshment, it’s feasible to find it served by road sellers and neighborhood bistros in different areas across the city. Every form of the beverage is really special – because of numerous sellers adopting their own strategy to the tea-production process, as well as utilizing various spices. As far as bistro encounters, attempt Oma Bistro (Avenida Carrera, No. 15-1)

Home grown tea


One of the country’s most well known cocktails, refajo, is a mix of ale with a famous carbonated Colombian beverage named ‘Colombiana’. This drink is an amazing backup to food varieties that are high in creature fats – which is the reason local people especially appreciate it at grills. The individuals who are know about Caribbean food might know it as ‘Kola Roman’.

Where to attempt: Straightforward, reasonable and fulfilling, La Esquina de la mona (Calle 82, No. 13-48) presents a substantial food that is appropriate to refajos. To encounter the beverage in a bona fide Colombian bar setting, go on an outing to Huerta Bar Cocteleria Artesanal (Calle 69a, No. 10-15). Its speciality is make mixed drinks, yet you’ll track down heaps of refajo variations here as well.

Known as the ‘native lager’ of Colombia, Chicha is gotten from aged corn and honey. Nonetheless, the liquor content can change – from no liquor to a weighty portion of it. It’s a very sweet beverage with the non-liquor or low liquor variants served in huge jugs, and the more strong stuff generally served in shot glasses.

Where to attempt: With it supposed that public legend Simón Bolívar met with progressive Manuela Sáenz to have chichas at La Puerta Falsa (Calle 11, No. 6-50) in the mid 1800s, it would be senseless not to suggest having a glass here. In the event that you’re feeling a piece gutsy, get a glass at El Entry del Chorro (Carrera 2, No. 13-94). Try not to be tricked by the spray painting and summary look – it’s all essential for the appeal.