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Hot cocoa and Cheddar

Under the steady gaze of you judge the blend of these fixings, answer these two inquiries: do you like hot cocoa? Do you like cheddar? In the event that you addressed ‘yes’ to both, you’re very much positioned to adore this Colombian dish. Hot cocoa, which is a flat out need in the existences of local people, is served close by a plate of cheddar that can then be dunked into the refreshment – making it dissolve. Utilize a spoon to lift the subsequent gooeyness out and appreciate!

Where to attempt: This is one more beverage and dish, which ought to be tested at one of the neighborhood bistros. The best spot to attempt this magnificently motivated conflict of surfaces and tastes is at La Puerta Falsa (Calle 11, No. 6-50).

Cup of hot cocoa with cheddar and arepa


Oblea, the best of road snacks, is a #1 with local people and guests to Bogota. The sweet comprises of two enormous, round wafers that can sandwich a filling of your decision – whether it’s arequipe, raspberry sauce, coconut, cheddar or a blend.

Where to attempt: This pastry is one more speciality of road food sellers that are dabbed around the downtown area region. One of the most popular road merchants is the proprietor of Obleas Mick Jagger (Avenida Calle 53, No. 70-18) whose distinguishing strength is that he served The Drifters’ Mick Jagger with an oblea that he evidently delighted in. However, we can’t rest assured that Mick Jagger supported the slow down’s name.