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The foundation of Walhalla’s establishing is the mother lode, presently open to the general population for drawn out visits, which run on numerous occasions each day. You can book on the web, or snatch a ticket on-the-entryway.

It was once the province of Victoria’s most well off mother lode, delivering north of 13 tons of gold during its activity from 1865-1911, making the Walhalla Mother lode a necessary piece of Australia’s mining heritage.

Your process starts at the mother lode guest’s middle. There’s a little historical center with different mining gear and memorabilia, so it’s certainly worth heading there 15 minutes ahead of schedule to view.

You’ll then, at that point, wear a hardhat and drop into the mine as the rest of the world disappears, supplanted by a chilling quietness and the cool, soggy air that folds over you. Your master guide (frequently an ex-digger), light close by, will lead you through the passages, enlightening the tales of the ones who worked here and their intense lives.

Simply ensure you bring a waterproof coat and add a layer or two, as the mine is cold and wet, and you might get trickled on. Great footwear is likewise significant as it’s really dangerous.