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This tasting was held under specialized conditions at the Organization of Preparing and Refining in London. Out of 37 lagers, most were either strongly suggested or exceptional – with Blend By Numbers Saison standing incomparable. We tracked down greatness in each classification, for certain old top picks (Hoegaarden, Ogre) showing perfectly. There’s a here thing for each event – complex tasting lagers, food brews, straightforward meeting brews, matured brews and organic product lagers… brews for summer, and for when the breeze is crying, the snow silly, and the fire thunders in the mesh. Most importantly, this tasting demonstrates that lager can stand its ground against wine for any event and with any feast.

Steve Curtis, specialized chief, IBD Shane MacNamara, Senior Specialized Official, IBD Rupert Ponsonby, lager master and brewer Robin Brown, overseeing chief, Columbus Travel Media Adam Lechmere, proofreader,

The lagers are evaluated on the 20-point scale, where 19 = Uncommon, 18 = Remarkable, 17 = Enthusiastically Suggested, 16 = Suggested, and 15 = Complimented.
THE Brews


Blend by Numbers Saison 5.5%, London, Britain A truly beautiful piece with an early impact of lemon and hibiscus after a yeasty nose. The sense of taste is thick and tight, the organic product controlled however extremely present, traces of white pepper and white blossoms toward the end. Attempted once more at the Wigmore at the Langham (in London), perfectly chilly in a pewter mug. Incredibly, great. 19


Bounce Stuff, Unfiltered Pils, 5% London Harsh almond nose, extraordinary mouthfeel and exceptionally fine acrid completion. Sensitive, modern and complex. 18

Earthy colored Brew

Demon Unbelievable Ruby, 5.2%, Britain Sweet consumed caramel nose, then dandelion and burdock on the sense of taste, renewed with citrus. Full, thick, offset with fine body, toffee pleasantness and supporting sharpness. Incredibly, great. Styrian, Fuggles and Goldings 18


Westmalle Tripel, Belgium 9.5%
Uncommon. Full and splendid with fine white mousse. Loaded with fascinating tropical organic product, hoppy and velvety on the sense of taste with brilliant waiting length. Attempt with grilled steak. 18