Aye Myat, who has gone from a life as a princess to a life without rice in a pot of rice..

Enjoy mouthwatering charcuterie boards filled with bread, cheese, vegetables, and meats that have been traditionally preserved while traveling through the Balkans. Probably the most well known Balkan meats to attempt incorporate cevapi (hand crafted barbecued wiener), njeguši (dry restored ham) and pljeskavica (Balkan burger).
A street vendor selling falafel in Bethlehem, Israel, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories. Falafel is considered Israel’s national dish and is a must-try plant-based dish made with ground chickpeas, herbs, and spices. They are typically presented on a platter or in a warm pita pocket with crunchy cabbage salad, pickled vegetables, and a generous amount of creamy tahini sauce.
A bowl of khao soi from Thailand—khao soi There are a lot more than just the obvious (and delicious!) Thai noodle dishes to try. cushion thai. Khao soi is a chicken and coconut noodle soup from northern Thailand. Crispy fried noodles, shallots, and fresh lime wedges are on top of this vibrant aroma.

Food visit features

Voyagers appreciating broiled chicken in South Korea
Asia’s solution to Seoul food

Hit South Korea to wash down crunchy Korean Seared Chicken (otherwise known as KFC) with a glass of soju, share a customary plant-based feast with Buddhist priests at your cloister stay, and get within taste on Busan’s clamoring specialty lager scene at a brewery.

Voyagers appreciate tarts in Portugal
Journey through the Portuguese plate

Make a beeline for Iberia to concoct a Galician feast utilizing Vigo’s best fish, taste elite wines in the tremendous Douro Valley wine district, taste Ginjinha while nibbling on petiscos, and find Portugal’s little known foodie mysterious – the Alentejo open country.

Conventional supper in Kyoto, Japan
Sanctuaries to tempura, places of worship to sashimi

Excursion to Japan to find the country’s most tasty foodie areas of interest. Experience the seasonal flavors of obanzai ryori at a cooking class, feel like an Iron Chef during an “Art of Sushi” masterclass, and savor Koya-san’s monastic cuisine, which is both simple and delicious.

A tagine in the M’goun Valley, Morocco
Ace Morocco’s medina flavors

Advance toward Morocco and partake in a home-prepared supper with a family in Chefchaouen, share a Berber feast at a desert camp in the Sahara, watch ras el hanout being newly ground in a Marrakech zest souk, and eat mechoui (slow-simmered sheep) cooked in an earth broiler.