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For outlandish dishes matched with reviving specialty lagers, East West Blending Co. is the best manual for eat and savor well Vietnam’s capital city

First-time guests to Ho Chi Minh City are in many cases overpowered by the sheer energy and assortment of food and drink on offer. For foodies and brew adoring spirits, the city’s prospering specialty lager scene loans further fervor to the quest for new and genuine cooking. Luckily, with the thundering progress of East West Preparing Co., Ho Chi Minh City’s most memorable in-house microbrewery, guests don’t need to look far to encounter fantastic food and brew at reasonable costs.

Set in a dynamic, steadily developing Vietnamese city, East West Blending Co., culinary and preparing program drove by Chief Gourmet expert Matthew Venzke and Head Brewer Sean Thommen, blows away the guidelines of customary bar food. The café flaunts a broad menu that draws gastronomic motivation from across the globe.

Matt Venzke, Leader Culinary specialist at East West Fermenting Co. getting ready food
Matt Venzke, Leader Culinary specialist at East West Fermenting Co.

Strong and charming, Venzke worked in a few Michelin Star cafés in the US prior to coming to Ho Chi Minh. He succeeds at joining premium fixings from various societies into dishes that test and award the specialty lager consumer’s hunger. This permits East West to offer a wide determination of new fish, steaks and wagyu meat, notwithstanding exemplary lager food sources that are ready with a cutting edge, East West turn.
Must-attempt dishes

Among the most famous of Venzke’s creative dishes is mực một nắng, or “one day sunfish,” a customary Vietnamese dish cooked from a newly gotten squid that is dried on top of an angler’s boat for one day prior to being frozen. Gourmet expert Venzke takes this recipe to a higher level by brushing the squid with a house Cajun preparing while barbecuing it, then embellishing it with new rau răm (Vietnamese coriander) and basil. The sizzling calamari, presented with an exquisite corn and bacon relish, is one of the brewery’s successes.

Flavourful “one-day sunfish” is best matched with a reviving Pale Brew. Glass of pale brew go as an afterthought
Flavourful “one-day sunfish” is best matched with an invigorating Pale Lager.

Famous too is Gourmet specialist Venzke’s unique Container Singed Salmon, a dish numerous guests wouldn’t anticipate tracking down in the city of Ho Chi Minh City. The fresh cleaned salmon is presented with lemongrass-ginger coconut milk, dark tacky rice and a seared egg, then, at that point, decorated with firm dark rice and basil. In the subsequent dish, crunchy and delicate surfaces blend in with striking flavors, making a great eating experience.