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For the people who love flavorful and very much flavored dishes, Egyptian food is a gift, so set up your stomach for the best 10 dishes to attempt in Cairo

Whether you’re getting something to eat from a road merchant or feasting at an exquisite 5-star café, Cairo is the spot for good and flavourful dishes that will please all taste buds. The city is famous for its North African food and with such countless eateries to look over, you can barely turn out badly. Peruse on to find the most tasty things to attempt in Cairo.

On the off chance that touring makes them need a nibble in a hurry, look no farther than the humble simit: an exemplary Turkish heated great that has turned into a well known Cairene road food. This sesame-shrouded bread seems to be a combination of a bagel and a pretzel and has a delicate, feathery inside. It is typically presented with a hard-bubbled egg and is generally famous around Easter, when the Egyptians observe Hoax Ennessim.

Where to attempt: Test it from a road truck at a souk (commercial center) like Khan el-Khalili (Al-Azhar St)


Generally had for lunch or supper, hawawshi is ready by stuffing pita bread with a minced meat combination seasoned with onions, peppers, and chillies to make a heavenly hot and hot dish. On the off chance that you’re willing to overcome the intensity, hawawshi makes for a filling dinner.

Where to attempt: El Hawawshy El Asly (63 El Hegaz St)


At the point when you consider breakfast, bean stew isn’t typically the principal thing to ring a bell, however in Cairo, flavored fava beans is the functioning man’s delightful go-to breakfast. Enhanced with cumin and olive oil and presented with pita or French bread, it’s a famous dish both in cafés and among road sellers.

Where to attempt: Niema (172 Nile Corniche), a road truck before the Agouza’s Police Emergency clinic, serves customary dish and has a lovely perspective on the Nile.


This basic feast, made social peculiarity, is a good dish made of rice, pasta, and lentils joined with chickpeas, tomatoes, garlic and firm broiled onions in a tomato-vinegar sauce. Despite the fact that it might seem like a kitchen sink dinner, there’s a workmanship to a decent koshary, and until you’ve attempted it in Cairo, you haven’t attempted it by any stretch of the imagination.