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33 On-the-Go Energy Bite Ideas We all require an energy boost at some point throughout the day, whether it is in the early morning or the middle of the afternoon. Espresso is one arrangement; a sweet caffeinated drink, another. However, we suggest reaching for energy bites when you need something with more food.

These balls are stacked with supplements to keep you engaged and going solid regardless of what life tosses at you. Far superior, they’re easy to make: The majority call for first combining a few ingredients in a food processor before rolling up. Simply stash them in the ice chest and take a couple with you for when your tank approaches “vacant.”
Sweet 1. Cranberry Orange Energy Nibbles

Cranberry and orange resemble peanut butter and chocolate — superb alone and, surprisingly, better together. Add some protein powder and almonds for resilience, in addition to dates to tie everything, and you have a solid, convenient treat that is really scrumptious.
2. No-Prepare Apricot Energy Chomps

These without sugar chomps consolidate dried apricots, almonds, pecans, raisins, and flaxseeds to frame a completely sweet and crunchy treat. You’ll be in heaven if you combine the ingredients in a food processor and roll them in coconut. In addition they’re vegetarian, Paleo, and gluten-and without dairy, so essentially everybody can appreciate them.
3. Blueberry Muffin Energy Balls: Make these if you want to make healthy muffins without having to bake them. The delicious couple of lemon and blueberry joins with a base of cashews, almonds, and dates that adds a sweet, rich flavor. In about ten minutes, you’ll have the flavor of muffins if you add some vanilla extract.