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Getting away from the beery days of Prague, Judith Bread cook finds the charms of bars and breweries in the eastern Bohemian town of Pardubice

At the point when you consider the Czech Republic and brew, you most likely picture ale fuelled stag ends of the week in Prague. The facts really confirm that the Czech capital has caught the market for beery ends of the week, with alcoholic gimmickry, for example, lager showers and streetcars, however assuming you’re searching for a calmer choice the Eastern Bohemian town of Pardubice offers an abundance of new voyaging and drinking prospects – and it’s presently served by non-stop departures from London with the spending plan carrier Ryanair.

A long way from being a party town, Pardubice is brimming with calm bars and comfortable bistros serving great brew and generous food. Well known for its steeplechase and gingerbread, this beautiful town is near various Eastern Bohemian attractions including the awesome extravagant structures of Litomyšl. It likewise has an incredible fermenting custom.


The Czech Republic has a blending custom tracing all the way back to the tenth 100 years, and has one of the greatest brew utilizations per capita on the planet. Albeit the most well known Czech brews will generally be ales, there is a rising pattern towards lagers and specialty lagers.

Most likely most popular is the pale ale Pilsner Urquell, which gets its name from Pilsen, the city where it is as yet delivered utilizing pale malts and delicate water. Then there is Kozel (and that signifies “male goat” in Czech), a normal pale brew with a 4% liquor by volume.

Gambrinus is one more famous brand, with Unique and Premium names, yet additionally creating exceptional brews like low-sugar and malt lagers. Matuška is a specialty lager which utilizes various sorts of yeasts and extraordinarily separated water. A family brewery tracing all the way back to the sixteenth 100 years, Bernard started making unpasteurized lager utilizing conventional techniques that incorporate allowing the lager to develop in basements. Bernard produces ales, lagers and enhanced brews.
9 of the best brew settings in Pardubice and Prague

Pardubicky Pivovar Distillery Palackeho trida 250, 530 33 Pardubice Area: Focal Pardubice

Begin with a visit to the memorable brewery helpfully arranged in town. Lager has been fermented here since the fourteenth hundred years and the Pardubice distillery was perhaps the earliest present day bottling works in Eastern Bohemia, laid out in 1871.

You can visit the bottling works and partake in a tasting of their particular lagers, including the 19 Pardubice doorman with its trademark dim froth and malty flavor, the exemplary Pernstein light brew and Taxicabs, a pale lager produced using Moravian malt. Other fascinating lagers to attempt incorporate Arnost, a sweet honey chestnut light brew you can eat in the café while testing the local speciality dish of hamburger and dumplings.