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Take a visit through rice and perceive how this modest staple is being ready across the world

Rice, a storeroom staple, is many times the arrangement when you can’t imagine anything more for lunch or supper. When you get a pot of rice stewing pleasantly on the oven, you got time to scrounge through the refrigerator, open a jar of beans, or cook an egg for a fast, relatively simple dinner. Obviously, you can likewise dedicate additional opportunity to make a rice dish that will light up any plate.
Jollof Rice, West Africa

As one of Africa’s most popular rice dishes, jollof is a staple in most of the West African nations, including Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria.

Long-grain rice is cooked in an aromatic stock made of tomatoes, red peppers, onions, Scotch bonnets, and one organic chicken cube to make jollof rice. Spices – like dried thyme and cove leaves – can likewise be added to help the flavor. When the rice is cooked, you can serve it with meat, fish or a sans meat choice to make a fair and filling feast.

It’s quite significant that West Africans view their jollof extremely in a serious way, to such an extent that August 22 of each and every year is the devoted ‘World Jollof Rice Day’.

Jollof rice
Jollof rice

Yellow Rice, South Africa

A conventional number one of South Africa, yellow rice – referred to locally as geelrys – gets its name from the lively shade of turmeric.

Yellow rice is a combination of basmati rice (albeit other long grains are once in a while utilized), sugar, salt, pepper, oil, and obviously, turmeric. Cardamom and cinnamon can also be added to the dish to give it a nice kick. Now and again, raisins are additionally added to improve the flavor.

Yellow rice is normally presented with a South African curry dish called bobotie, which is very like moussaka.