Phyu Phyu Htwe, who is filming advertisements not only in Myanmar but also in Thailand

Morocco: Flavored espresso

The tangled back streets of Moroccan business sectors murmur stories of flavored espresso, where the most unimaginable mixture is injected with cinnamon, dark pepper, nutmeg, and cardamom. With each sip, layers of aroma and history are revealed.

India: While “Kaapi” takes center stage in the southern states, Kaapi Masala Chai is synonymous with India. Fermented through an unmistakable espresso channel likened to dribble preparing, this creation – a mix of espresso, hot milk, sugar, and chicory powder – is introduced in a metal cup settled inside a ‘dabarah’ saucer.

Mexico: Bistro de Olla

In Mexico, “Bistro de Olla” is a flavored espresso made with cinnamon and piloncillo (raw pure sweetener). It’s generally prepared in a dirt pot (accepted to give an extraordinary flavor to the espresso) and is a well known backup to Mexican food.

Colombia: Tinto In Colombia, “Tinto” refers to a straightforward black coffee that is also a necessary component of daily life. You can likewise attempt a Tinto Campesino, some fundamental tinto improved with panela (raw sweetener).

Italy: Coffee

While coffee is broadly appreciated all over the planet, Italy’s coffee culture is notable. The concentrated shot of espresso is a foundation of Italian public activity, with coffee bars being center points of discussion and brotherhood.