Prince Nyi Thuk Khao, who personally went to donate with the crew of “Laung for the People of Bago Flood”.

The woodland and untamed life division said the study was directed in 76 wetlands across 26 areas of the state.

The authorities are energetic about additional transitory birds to show up from Siberia and eastern European nations in the wetlands of Bihar in the new winter meeting beginning from this point until Spring.

Delivering the information on Monday, Tej Pratap Yadav, the climate, woodland and environmental change serve said, “We have led the study from January 30 to February 12 in the 76 wetlands of Bihar and 69,935 traveler pelicans were enrolled in the state. 200 authorities were associated with the counting. It has been seen that 24,000 transient birds showed up this year,” Yadav said.

“We are growing more wetlands in Bihar and anticipating that more transient pelicans should come here this meeting,” Yadav said.

As per authorities, the transient birds, for example, brown breasted flycatcher, textured thrush, Asian earthy colored flycatcher, enormous followed nightjar, Besra, dim headed lapwing, mountagness harrier, Shishing bushloktikel leaf songbird, home crane, spotted crane, and extraordinary bitners, are seen here in the wetlands. Other than that uncommon cases like Ucab having white tail and button kwal and yellow legs are additionally seen here.

The flying skill of these wild pelicans is more than the customary transitory birds. They come here in the start of winter and remain till Spring consistently because of the deplorable environment in Siberia, Eastern Europe and Mongolia.

“Plus, we are additionally carrying more natural life creatures to Sanjay Gandhi Zoological Park which is usually known as Patna zoo. We need to make Patna Zoo the best in the country,” he said. IANS/KB

Four minors suffocated to death in Bihar’s Nawada region on Thursday as they looked to have a shower in a recently fabricated lake in their town, police said.

The casualties bounced in a recently fabricated lake to clean up without understanding its profundity. At the point when they began suffocating, a few nearby residents attempted to save them however fizzled. The lake was worked with government assets to give offices to the fans on Chatth Puja.