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Not all “travel” jobs are created equally. The wanderlust opportunities listed here fall under one of the following categories — expat jobs, digital nomad jobs, travel industry careers, or what I’ll call backpacking jobs. What’s the difference you ask?
Expat Traveling Jobs

Expat stands for “expatriate”. Meaning while you are a citizen of one country, you choose to live/work in a foreign country. Expat jobs are only related to travel in that you’re not living in your own country. You may live in a country for months or years at a time (possibly on a remote work visa), and not fully nomadic.

Examples: English teacher, nanny, foreign service, etc.
Digital Nomads

A Digital Nomad works from their computer. This makes them location independent. As long as they have access to the internet, they can earn a living. Blogging falls under this category, so it also describes my lifestyle. Digital nomads are free to travel at will, working from coffee shops, hotels, or co-working spaces. Or they can work from home too.

Examples: Online business, freelance writing, social media, etc.
Backpacker Jobs

Backpackers and vagabonds do work that I’ll call “alternative” travel jobs. The type of work that may not require a computer or a college degree, but has a more hands-on approach. Think musicians, artists, or manual labor. Pay could be under the table.

Examples: Street vendor, musician, farm work, etc.
Travel Industry Careers

Finally, I’ll include a few popular travel industry career options too. These are more “traditional” business travel jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry. Positions like travel agents, local tourism boards, and travel marketing.

Examples: Travel agent, tour guide, tourism marketing, etc.