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Energy Bars:

Low-calorie, energy-thick custom made granola bars are one of the ideal bites that you can convey with you anyplace you travel and chomp whenever. Made with dried organic products, oats, almonds, maple syrup, and so on., they are a sound choice to sugar-loaded snacks.
Hand crafted Popcorns:

Popcorns are the universally adored and a fabulous decision of tidbit while voyaging. You can easily make them at home by adding cheese, extra virgin olive oil, and black pepper. This will make them taste and look better.
Food varieties Thoughts For Long Travel:

We comprehend the main issue while on really long travel is generally about food. Large numbers of us can’t help thinking about what to eat and what not to while on a vacay, to keep away from food contamination, drying out, heartburn and so forth. Try not to allow unhygienic food to play a spoilsport with your vacation plans. Attempt these simple to make and pack recipes, that can remain new for longer hours, be it on-street travel or on a flight.

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Methi Thepla
Methi Thepla

Crunchy and firm, thepla is a solid enjoyment. It makes a great travel tiffin box recipe and is simple to make.
Dietary Realities

The mix of wheat and besan flour makes this an ideal combo of carbs and protein that keep you satisfied. Methi and curd give you fiber and other fundamental supplements for keeping you stimulated through the movement.

1 cup wheat flour

¾ cup gram flour (besan)

½ bundle of fenugreek (methi) leaves

½ tbs curd

½ tsp ground ginger

2 tbs dried fenugreek leaves

2 cleaved green stew

4 tbs ghee

Salt to taste

1 cup water

In a bowl add flours, dried fenugreek, new fenugreek, ginger and blend well.

Add curd, water and manipulate into a delicate batter.

Make a little ball and roll them into flimsy circles.

Heat tawa on a medium fire, oil with ghee and cook thepla.

Cook the two sides till it becomes brilliant brown.
Veg Kathi Roll

Veg kathi roll is a yummy wrap or a roll stacked with flavors and blended vegetable fillings.

Veg Kathi Roll
Dietary Realities

Veg Kathi roll is loaded up with protein and vegetables that deal with your everyday portion of fundamental supplements in a wrap. Besides, a solitary wrap can cause you to feel full and stimulated.