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Puffin Inn – Situated in the focal point of Vik, this inn is just a 10-minute stroll from the marvelous dark sea shores. It offers a completely prepared kitchen and a common seating region. The useful rooms have shared offices and restrooms.

Proceeding with your drive, you’ll ultimately arrive at the fishing town of Höfn. Höfn signifies “harbor” since it sits on one of a handful of the regular harbors tracked down in Iceland.

This is the following significant town after Vik, around a 4-hour drive away. While four hours doesn’t appear as though much, there’s such a great amount to in the middle of between these two Icelandic towns that you might need to go through a night here.

Hofn is the town nearest to Jökulsárlón glacial mass tidal pond and Vatnajokull Public Park. Watching the dawn from Jökulsárlón was one of the features of my outing, so you should rest close by.

Here are my ideas for the top lodgings, inns, and camping areas close to Hofn and the ice sheet tidal pond relying upon your spending plan.

Aurora Lodges – Assuming that you’re fortunate, you could get the grand aurora borealis from the lodge yard at this great Iceland inn. There’s a little slope close by with a seat on top, one more decent spot to respect the lights. The lodges are extensive and include complimentary wireless internet, a kitchen with microwave and toaster oven, porch and a seating region. Extraordinary heartfelt spot for couples!