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Where to attempt flavorful pies in London:

The Windmill (6-8 Plant St, W1S 2AZ) in Mayfair has won grants for its scrumptious pies, including their Hampshire venison, smoked bacon and wild mushroom pie.

Somewhere else to go for pies is Battersea Pie Station (28 The Market, WC2E 8RA).

Sunday broil

One more custom of the English Isles, the Sunday cook comprises of meat cuts (hamburger, sheep or chicken), broil vegetables (generally carrots, parsnips and potatoes), Yorkshire puddings (an exquisite, hitter based baked good) and sauce. Before, it was likely the best dinner individuals would have the entire week, and they would involve the extras before very long, as chilly cuts or in stews.

Where to attempt a Sunday broil in London:

Numerous bars across the city offer Sunday broil specials, among them are The Pig and Butcher (70 Liverpool Rd, N1 0QD) in Islington, The Touching Goat (6 New Quebec St, W1H 7RQ) in Marylebone, and The Guinea (30 Bruton Pl, W1J 6NL) in Mayfair.
Chicken Tikka Masala

In 2001, English Unfamiliar Secretary Robin Cook broadly said that chicken tikka masala is a genuine English public dish, as it is a “ideal delineation of the manner in which England retains and adjusts outer impacts”. He was dead on, obviously, as chicken tikka masala has been casted a ballot as England’s #1 dish on various occasions. This greatly tasty Indian curry, with lumps of barbecued chicken swimming in a flavored and tomato-based sauce, is accessible in curry houses and, surprisingly, in certain bars.

Where to attempt chicken tikka masala in London:

Most guests will generally look at London’s ‘Curry Mile’, alluding to various curry houses that line Block Path in the East End, however our firm most loved is Punjab (80 Neal St, WC2H 9PA) – the UK’s most seasoned North Indian eatery.