The couple, Vanya Bongpenu and Cherry Thin, who are questioning whether they are too much to be friends because of a small gift.

Educating Voyaging: Get invigorated, in light of the fact that this interview contains one of the coolest mixes of educating and voyaging I’ve at any point seen, on account of Jon Schwartz! John, inform us a piece concerning your experience.

Jon: I began educating in the underserved local area of East Palo Alto in 1996. It had gotten a standing at the time just like a horror region. Notwithstanding that, or perhaps hence, I cherished the test and adored working with the children.

The locale needed educators — not too many were applying there — so despite the fact that I was just searching for a sub work, they hit me up and let me know they’d enlist me full-time. The main catch was that it was a bilingual homeroom.
Marlin World Billfish undertakings from HawaiiJon has been distributed in various magazines.

I let them know I didn’t talk a lick of Spanish and they said, “No issue! It’s bilingual” however when I showed up it out of around 35 children, just a small bunch communicated in English. I accepted the position until they could track down a substitution and nominated the English speakers to be my interpreters to the remainder of the class. I was currently ravenous to learn Spanish, and visited up everybody I met with a Spanish pronunciation.

That is the manner by which I met my significant other! She was a clerk with a thick highlight at a plate of mixed greens place I went to in the wake of educating. Then following day I returned to my understudies to let them know I met a lovely Mexican lady and they flippantly prodded, “Goodness Mr. Schwartz, would you say you will wed her?” All things considered, I did, and after 18 years we are as yet hitched with three delightful multicultural children. ( We had the best babymoon objections!)
A beautiful whale photograph by Jon. A wonderful whale photograph by Jon.

I began heading out to Mexico in 2002 when I took up kayak fishing. I saw an image of a person with a sailfish close to a kayak and said, “That will be ME!” what’s more, along these lines started my fixation on movement and experience. I wound up going down to a similar spot and got a significantly greater fish, and began composing for fishing and travel mags about my hotshot adventures.