The handsome actor “Thun Ko Ko” showed off his pretty sister to his fans.

Food in many regions of the planet, especially where there isn’t a lot to eat, can be inexactly characterized as anything you put into your mouth that doesn’t kill you. A portion of this odd travel food I’ve experienced throughout the years is evidence.

My vegan companions might need to deflect their eyes: Assuming that food strolls, slithers, swims, slides, or overflows, it’s fair game. What’s more, I’ve presumably eaten it or had it presented by benevolent people.

This record barely covers all the unusual travel food that has slid down my neck. A few things I consumed, (for example, Tibetan margarine tea while seeing the fourteenth Dalai Lama at his house) were too horrendous to even consider catching.

Some of the time I was too bustling eating to take out my camera, or too debilitated subsequent to eating anything it was to think often about snapping a picture (thus the requirement for a travelmate occasionally).

Warning: On the off chance that you have a queasy stomach or could do without to see fluffy little creatures transformed into food, here’s a superior rundown of good vagabonding food that I’ve delighted in.

Enough yakkity yak disclaimer and on to the terrible pictures of bizarre travel food. For that reason you’re here, correct?
The Most Alarming Travel Food

Bizarre Travel Food: Pig Face

We should start off this rundown of odd travel food found in the field by tending to the glaring issue at hand, or in this occasion, the pig face in the room.

Sacred mother of all that is great and good in this world. This thing has a place in Leatherface’s closet from Texas Trimming tool Slaughter, not on a family’s table. I viewed this pig face holding up as consumed in a market in Chinatown, Bangkok. I drifted around trusting that somebody would haggle to get it, or possibly give it a shot, however no karma this time. ( Bangkok, Thailand)
Dutch Automatiek

Dutch FEBO Automatiek

It doesn’t appear reasonable for my Dutch companions to follow up the face with their darling distributing food, however I find it similarly unappetizing except if you’re near the very edge of liquor harming at 4:30 a.m. The popular Dutch automatiek known as FEBO has been serving up bitterballen, croquette, and other RDFOs (arbitrary Dutch seared objects) to stoned travelers and plastered individuals starting around 1941. Try not to misunderstand me, I truly do like bitterballen, however I favor them not to be given over by a robot. ( Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Canine Meat in China

Plate of canine meat in China

My very first plate of man’s dearest companion (I’ve presently had it multiple times) was and all that I dreaded: soft, greasy, and sickening. Presently I have a superior comprehension of why man’s dearest companion actually meanders uninhibitedly in towns where individuals are starving. ( Beijing, China)

Note: There is a vile, unlawful, canine meat industry in Asia. I clearly don’t uphold that, notwithstanding, I’ve wound up where canine was consumed due to legitimate need. In one Indonesian town, a canine was hit by a motorbike during my visit and hence ready for me, the visitor.
Bird’s Home Refreshments

Jar of bird’s home drink

As though diverting spit from cave swiftlets into a costly soup wasn’t sufficiently terrible, some clever Thai or Chinese business person concluded that bird spit would make a fine, carbonated refreshment. Wrong. The smell of the murmur as I opened the can made me keep thinking about whether it was brimming with rotting bird feathers. ( Saigon, Vietnam)

Chicken Hearts on a Stick

Chicken hearts on a stick

These chicken hearts I found in a Chinese market were really palatable and pleasant. Every one burst with pungent, metallic blood and I needed to let the hard little valves out. ( Chengdu, China)
Bull Balls

Bull balls hanging in a market

The bulls in Peru really endure having their balls eliminated; it makes them more accommodating and they get the opportunity to seek after their fantasies of drama as star soprano vocalists. Besides, they won’t ever need to stress over being sent off to stomp on sightseers and Spaniards in Pamplona. Seeing the pubes actually joined truly didn’t make them any seriously engaging. ( Cusco, Peru)