The singer who said that true happiness cannot be measured and valued by money, singer Wine Su Khaing Thein

Inquisitive about how to venture to the far corners of the planet? I’ve been going all over the planet for a long time as a computerized traveler.

What’s more, I have lots of valuable travel tips to share from my excursion.

My voyaging began when I quit my place of employment and took a one-way departure from Miami to Guatemala, jumping apprehensively into the obscure and abandoning a lot of my previous lifestyle while leaving on a legendary experience all over the planet.

The experience has been a wild ride — venturing out to north of 50 nations, meeting endless individuals, and I’ve taken in a ton since I previously left!

Having undertakings like bumming a ride across America, setting up camp alone in Greenland, journeying across Afghanistan and considerably more — the world has been an astounding educator.

I at last transformed expounding on my excursion into a fruitful sightseeing web journal, and keep on going consistently as a feature of the most amazing job I could ever imagine.

Yet, to commend my travelversary (travel commemoration) every year, I update this aide with an assortment of my best travel tips to assist you with setting aside cash, remain safe, and rouse others to get out there and investigate our reality.

Furthermore, go ahead and share your own #1 travel tips in the remarks toward the end!