Worked in 1905, El Caminito del Rey was at first a way for laborers to move merchandise. Obviously, the pathway is just three feet wide and hangs 330 feet up along the substance of a precipice. The walkway was given the name “King’s Little Pathway” in 1921 when Spain’s King Alfonso XIII crossed it.

At the point when the way fell into deterioration, authorities shut it to people in general for 10 years. In many segments, just metal rails were left, however adrenaline junkies actually attempted to walk the pathway and ascend the mountain.

As a result, a lot of people fell and died. Following four years of upgrades, El Caminito del Rey resumed in 2015.

Acapulco was once a popular spot for big names, including John F. Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor. Nonetheless, the perfect sea shores and encompassing region have acquired a dangerous standing. Acapulco is currently called Mexico’s homicide capital, with posse fighting continually tormenting the city.

Acapulco experiences a high number of shootings, kidnappings, and murders, and the violence occasionally makes its way into tourist areas. In 2018, the city recorded 874 homicides; in 2019, it logged 207 additional inside the initial three months.