The challenging 60-mile Kokoda trail is located in the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea and requires six days to complete. During the day, the weather conditions is warm and damp, yet the temperature decreases to freezing around evening time, so envision how much apparel you really want to convey.

The excursion incorporates climbing, climbing and swimming. Mosquitos conveying jungle fever consume the atmosphere, while leeches invade the waters.

What about the possibility of dying from dehydration, illness, or broken bones if none of these things frighten you? Local people even went after climbers with blades and lances, killing two individuals and truly harming seven others in 2013.

At New Smyrna Beach in Florida, who can resist a scorching day in the sun? Because of the abundance of sharks in the water, this beach is one of the places you should never swim. As a matter of fact, everybody calls New Smyrna Ocean side the “shark-chomp capital of the world.”

In its history, New Smyrna has reported 250 shark attacks, and in 2007 and 2008, it had the most confirmed shark bites in the world. There have been 40 fatal attacks there in the past 30 years.

Obviously, the greater part of the shark assaults don’t end in death, however could you really take a chance with swimming there?