At 16,404 feet high, Mont Blanc is the most noteworthy top in Europe — and the deadliest top in France. Every year, around 100 climbers kick the bucket on Mont Blanc. The mountain’s unpredictable and frequently changing weather is a surefire recipe for disaster.

Avalanches and surprise storms kill a lot of people, and tourists also need to be careful about falling rocks, hidden crevices, and strong winds that can reach almost 60 mph.

A few climbers experience the ill effects of elevation infection on Mont Blanc, which can immediately become dangerous too.

Perhaps of the most risky street on the planet, North Yungas Street, is 43 miles in length and arrives at heights of 2,000 feet in certain areas. Driving on North Yungas Street is a heart-halting encounter, with its absence of guardrails adding to its threat.

Deadly vehicle and cycle mishaps are as normal out and about as going off the street’s edge.

On North Yungas Road, 300 people die each year, which is why it is dubbed “Death Road.” On the off chance that you see wooden crosses along the course, they honor the people who died.