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A man passed on in Bihar’s Gopalganj region after he acknowledged a “paid challenge” tossed by companions to eat no less than 150 momos at one go, the police said on Saturday, adding he blacked out amidst the ‘momo challenge’.

The departed was recognized as Vipin Kumar Manjhi (25), a local of Sihorwa town under Thawe police headquarters in the region.

Manjhi was a repairman of cell phones and had a shop at Gyani Mor in the region. His dead body was found close to Gyani Mor.

“Fundamental examination uncovers that Manjhi was associated with momos eating challenge to eat somewhere around 150 momos. In the wake of eating huge number of momos, his wellbeing weakened at the shop.

“He fell on the ground. The retailer and two of his companions informed us about the occurrence. We quickly conceded him in Sadar clinic where he passed on during the treatment,” said Shashi Ranjan, SHO of Thawe police headquarters.

He said that the episode happened on Thursday night.

“We have directed the posthumous and given over the dead body,” he said.

In the mean time, the relatives of the departed asserted that his companions gave him food blended in with poison. ( IANS/PG)

A buyer commission in Bihar’s Buxar region has forced a Rs 3,500 fine on a café for not serving sambar with dosa to a client.

The decision comes following 11 months of preliminary.

The client, Manish Pathak, a legal counselor and esident of Bangla Ghat, said: ” It was my birthday on August 15, 2022, and since it was simply me and my mom, we chose to get take out for supper. I went to the café situated in Gola market and put in and request for an Exceptional Masala Dosa.

“I paid Rs 140 and brought the bundle back home. At the point when we opened the bundle we tracked down no sambar. There was just dosa and sauce. Sambar is the most significant while eating dosa.