DJ Lamin’s Kabyar, “I’m not DJing classic songs anymore.”

As it was evening, I went to the café the following day and grumbled to the proprietor. He didn’t give a legitimate reaction and said that you can’t buy a whole café in Rs 140. As it was an instance of cheating and breaking the trust of a client, I chose to record a case at the purchaser commission.

“During the consultation by a twofold seat of director Ved Prakash Singh and part Varun Kumar, the commission ound my case to be valid and unjust in the help of the eatery. In like manner, it has forced a fine of Rs 2,000 for mental and actual pressure during the case and Rs 1,500 for the court costs.

“I’m glad that the court managed in support of myself.”

Four adolescents suffocated when they went to the stream Ganga to bring water for pooja on first day of ‘Sawan’ in Bihar’s Katihar region on Monday.

As per sources, six young people who were local of Khairia town had gone to Khadha Gola ghat to get Gangajal for presenting on the Shivling on the main Monday of the ‘sawan’, went into the water without understanding its profundity and begun to suffocate.

At the point when others present on the ghat saw them suffocating, some of them hopped into the stream and figured out how to safeguard two of them.

The excess were additionally taken out however they had previously surrendered.

On finding out about the episode, residents raced to the ghat, called the police and sent the bodies for post-mortem.

The groups of the departed have been educated.

Patna, July 1, In a bid to stop celebratory terminating in the state, ordinarily at weddings, the Bihar Police have concocted an arrangement looking for all individuals illuminate their nearby police headquarters about any marriage occurring in the family.

“It has been seen that there have been various passings and wounds because of celebratory terminating in the state. Consequently, we have requested individuals from the state, marriage yards, dinner corridors, dharmshalas proprietors to illuminate the nearby police about each marriage,” ADGP The rule of law, Sanjay Singh said.