If you say, you must be looking for a match.

7. Easy Home Fries This recipe for home fries makes adding potatoes as a side dish simple, so you can serve them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Utilize canned potatoes to save time.
8. Fruit Salad for Company During your family reunion, you’ll have a lot of people over, so why not make a salad that says “company”? A delicious blend of cream cheese, sour cream, and mayonnaise makes up the Company Fruit Salad, which includes pineapple, apples, mandarin oranges, grapes, and other fruits. The natural product salad makes a reviving side dish, bite or pastry.
9. Homemade Mac and Cheese Every family has a unique recipe for mac and cheese that they love to show off at family gatherings. Establish a connection with custom made macintosh and cheddar at your next get-together. You could prepare the dish before your outing and warm it once you arrive at your objective.
10. Chocolate Lasagna

You can’t fail to remember the sweet at your gathering! Recast lasagna by making a chocolate treat variant. Layer squashed treats, a sweet cream cheddar combination, pudding, whipped cream and chocolate chips to make a great chocolate lasagna.

a salad of mixed beans from the buffet.
11. A Delightful Salad of Three Beans Beans, beans, and more beans! Use three kinds of beans to make a delicious bean salad: kidney, pinto, and garbanzo The traditional bean side dish gets a refreshing makeover with the three-bean salad.
12. Fruit Cobbler You can make a fruit cobbler in a baking pan, in a Dutch oven, or over a campfire for a quick, easy, sweet, and warm dessert. The topping only requires flour, milk, sugar, and butter. Pick any organic product you like as the base — peaches, blueberries and strawberries are extraordinary choices.
13. Flavored Rice Krispie Treats Making traditional homemade rice krispie treats with additional ingredients like chocolate and peanut butter can enhance their flavor and make them more memorable. To avoid having to bring additional supplies to the location of your reunion, prepare your chocolate and peanut butter krispies in advance.

Salad of cucumbers and red onions on a background of white wood.
14. Cucumber and Red Onion Salad

Have a light serving of mixed greens as an afterthought when you make a cucumber and red onion salad. Summer family get-togethers are ideal for this easy, tangy salad. Eat it chilled as a side or tidbit.
15. Strolling Tacos

Get ready taco meat, then load up corn chip packs with the meat and other taco fixings for fast, simple and tomfoolery strolling tacos. Savory, chip-bagged tacos that have been deconstructed will be a hit with both kids and adults. You could set up a buffet with all of the ingredients so that everyone in your family can make their own walking tacos how they want.
16. Homemade Cherry Limeade Make homemade cherry limeade to add color to your usual drinks. The entire family will partake in the shining nonalcoholic boost that joins lemon-lime pop, lime juice and grenadine. Add a maraschino cherry and a lime wedge as garnish and pour the mixture over ice.