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It’s formally the beginning of the late spring travel season, so I figured it would be proper to share the rundown of my number one travel food, including the food I as of late went on with me on my outing to Asia.

A ton of the things beneath you can find at Sound Home Market, Earth Charge or potentially Entire Food varieties. I’ve given connects to where you can find these things on the web as well, which is my favored strategy to purchase things so I’m not continuously chasing around after the things I love at various stores.

If it’s not too much trouble, note – this rundown expects I will not have a kitchen while voyaging and will not be cooking. On the off chance that I planned to remain some place with a kitchen, this rundown would incorporate additional cooking fundamentals and I most certainly wouldn’t utilize so many ziplocs!
Venture out Food To Pack Before You Go

Durable Merchandise:

Green Vibrance – Single Serving Packs – Protection for being away from my juicer
Vitamineral Greens – Travel Size – One of the most incredible superfoods powders available. I switch back and forth between Green Vibrance and this powder.
Chia Seeds Packs – Wonderful to top cereal, yogurt, or drink in coconut water for supported energy.
Almond Spread Packs – I like to eat this straightforwardly with one banana, apple, stuffed into a date, or on top of Suzie’s Flimsy Crisps

IMG 1265

Suzie’s Slender Crisps – This is my movement saltine of decision – doesn’t disintegrate and has a decent crunch. They are made of effectively edible spelt flour and flax seed.
Navitas Naturals Power Bite – Astounding superfoods tidbit that I strongly suggest with no refined or added sugars. Every one of the flavors are delightful, particularly the Cacao Goji. Because they didn’t melt and gave me instant energy, I took these every day on my scuba diving trip. IMG 1207

Q’ia Superfood Oat – Superfood made simple. Flavorful chomps of buckwheat groats, chia seeds and hemp seeds blended in with almonds and cranberries. SO YUMMY.
Fast Oats – I made pre-made ziploc packs of natural oats (a combination of moved oats and speedy oats) and ate them pretty much each day in Borneo. It’s the ideal breakfast when your choices are restricted.
Cinnamon – For the oats.
Dates – I love eating on dates, however these are likewise one of the fixings I need to use in my cereal. I add one hacked date to cereal before I add high temp water. When water is added, the date slowly dissolves into the oats, naturally sweetening them. Dates contain antioxidants and fiber, which is why I prefer this sweetener to other forms like crystal or liquid.
Prunes – I know I’m not 70 years of age, yet I love prunes. They are chewy, sweet, filling, and keep you regular while you are on vacation (I know many people who constantly complain about this!)
Figs – My candy of decision. I could eat one loaded down with a pecan each and every day!
Crude Pecans – For figs, other hand crafted packs of trail blend, and to finish off oats.
Himalayan Raisins – Fixings for oats (my significant other loves these) and for trail blend.
Raw almonds can be used as a snack or in a trail mix.
Goji Berries – For trail blend or just to eat by the small bunch. I truly have a goji issue!
Brilliant Berries – Just to eat… .these are nature’s little sharp fix kid, aren’t stacked with sugar and have 5 grams of fiber for every ounce.
Numi Teas – Arranged Assortment – My number one teas right now and I generally take my own natural tea any place I go. ( You know this, on the off chance that you’ve at any point eaten with me!)
Yogi Teas – Arranged Assortment – I love the decaf green and ginger variants.
Cranberry Tea – Decreasing water maintenance is in every case simple by drinking this tea – particularly in the wake of polishing off over salted food while voyaging.
Seintenbacher Crocodile Chewy candies – My garbage sticky candy of decision. It’s Non-GMO, Vegetarian and I LOVE Gators.
MacroBar – My significant other’s number one bar right now, attempt the Granola with Coconut.
Mary’s Gone Sticks and Twigs – Unadulterated fixation. These are better than any other salty chip on the market for me to eat.
One of the best “good for you” chips available is Brad’s Raw Chips. Crude and every single entire food – no gluten, sugar or added synthetics.
Grown Wheat Pretzels – The main natural pretzel available made with the fixings grew wheat and really great for you olive oil.
Go Crude – Coconut Treats – Crunchy treats that don’t disintegrate and contain no additional or refined sugars.
Kur Pleasures – Little separately wrapped delightful nibbles of goodness! ( get 10% with code: FOODBABE)
Go Crude – Carrot Treats – My #1 kind of Go Crude.
All-Mixed Trail Mixes and Nuts from Eden Farms come in small packets that can be easily carried in carry-on luggage.