Singer G who wanted to be an actor but never got the chance

Sweet Banana with Coconut Milk at Elephant Camp Dinner at Four Seasons Tented Camp Do you ever get the feeling that you’re one of the luckiest girls in the world? Well that is precisely the way in which I felt during our visit at the Four Seasons Rose Camp.

The themed dinners that were planned out in our individual itinerary left me unsure of what to think of them. I truly had no clue about what’s in store… yet the administrator Vikas and Gourmet specialist Pisan guaranteed us that our meals would be astounding, which I found out later to be precisely that. Amazingly beautiful!

After drinks and customized vegan tidbits at the Burma Bar… we were accompanied by an officer through the colorful bamboo wilderness by light into the elephant camp where we were promptly welcomed by our elephants Yuki and Pet… taking care of them a supper of sugarcane before the officer lead us to our supper. Investing energy with our elephants around evening time was exceptionally private and simply the start of numerous unprecedented contacts to come…

We were situated up on a stage sitting above the stars and sky and the table was lit exclusively by flame light (Thank heavens for streak photography). Down underneath nearby craftsmen utilizing conventional northern Thailand instruments entertained us. There was an outside kitchen where the culinary expert’s group was in the middle of setting up our multi-course feast. 4 courses altogether. Everything was extraordinary… soup, rice noodles, fish cooked over the fire in a banana leaf stuffed into bamboo presented with a lot of tasty vegetables from their own natural nursery and steamed earthy colored rice…

For dessert, I was truly blown away. So blown away, as a matter of fact, following taking one nibble I realized I needed to make this back home and offer the recipe with every one of you!

A customary Thai treat was served – Sweet Banana in Coconut Milk. The treat was so straightforward, so encouraging thus great. After dinner, we relaxed by the fire that the Four Seasons staff had prepared for us. We tasted wine, had ginger tea and partaken in the perspective on the stars we regularly don’t get to see living in the city lights back hom