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Healthy options for train stations and airports You can find healthy options even in airport and train terminals, where you’ll find cinnamon roll stands, hot pretzel stands, and fast food restaurants. Look for options like these if you want to buy food at the train station or terminal:

However, airport prices can be exorbitant, and you might be rushing to catch a flight. As a result, having some snacks ready to go can help you get ready for the trip.

Certainly, a cooler cannot be brought through airport security. However, you can still bring healthy food options with some planning.

In order to prevent water retention during a lengthy flight, it is especially helpful to consume low-sodium snacks for the duration of the flight.

Zawahri Krasuna recommends pressing sustaining bites that needn’t bother with to be refrigerated. For security, divide them into clear baggies. The following healthy options are suitable for carry-on and backpacking:

Peanut butter sandwiches on entire grain bread.

According to Zawahri Krasuna, bringing a water bottle that can be refilled is especially essential for air travel. Even though you’ll need to empty it before going through security, filling your own cup of water at a bottle-filling station before your flight will help you stay hydrated throughout the journey.