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12. Fruit leather with apples and raspberries—and speaking of fruits, you can also use them as leather! Although apples and raspberries are the main ingredients in this recipe, you can use any fresh or frozen fruit to make this chewy, leathery snack.

Slice a large batch into thin strips. It resembles you made your own Organic product by the Foot!

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13. Pea crisps

Organic products don’t get to have a great time. Dried vegetables can also be tasty!

As of late, dried snap peas have turned into a staple as salad clinchers. However, who knows, maybe they’d like to join you in the car and leave the kitchen. After all, they are small, convenient bites that won’t ruin anything. Gather Snaps even makes single-serving nibble packs for perfectly parcels.
14. Shelled pistachios

A little flavor, a little crunch, and a lotta protein — what is this supernatural tidbit? Pistachios! A solitary serving (around 49 nuts) packs 6 grams of protein. What’s more, with their effectively snatch capable size, these entire food sources make a fantastic driving sidekick.

Try the shelled pistachios from the Wonderful Company, which come in six different flavors to suit your preferences.
15. Dried nut and fig bars We challenge you to locate a fig and hazelnut granola bar on the shelves of your local supermarket. Coming up void? It’s time to try your hand at this one-of-a-kind recipe. Notwithstanding dried figs and hazelnuts, fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon, and orange zing add occasion esque flavor.

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16. Flavored zucchini biscuits

Biscuits are incredible street nourishment for their negligible wreck and wonderful compactness. These delectable spiced zucchini muffins offer a healthy and a little bit of sweetness.

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