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6. Rolls of soft pretzels Making pretzels is much simpler than you might think! Additionally, they only contain a few ingredients that you probably already have on hand: flour, water, yeast, salt, spread, and sugar. You can make the customary pretzel shape or get innovative and make any shape that suits your extravagant.

We just wouldn’t suggest plunging sauces while driving.

Get our delicate pretzel rolls recipe.
7. Crackly sugar treats

Some of the time you need to nibble on something sweet while you’re out and about. These seasonal favorites are easy to make with our recipe!

These sugar-dotted treats are a better decision than a few bundled treats, without any additives, less salt, and no fake flavorings. We won’t let know if you stash a couple of in the glove box.

Get the recipe for our crackly sugar cookies.
8. Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess: Homemade veggie chips Homemade veggie chips are a great healthy alternative to potato chips, and you can keep a large batch on hand for on-the-go snacking.

Utilize a mandolin to make slight, uniform vegetable cuts, and take a stab at anything from rutabagas to parsnips, carrots, or beets. ( There are also a lot of delicious packaged versions to choose from, such as Terra Chips’.)

Get the hand crafted veggie chips recipe.
9. Twofold chocolate pop tarts

At the point when you were a youngster, pop tarts were the ideal one-gave breakfast for trekking or skating to school. The same is true if you drive yourself to work.

These Do-It-Yourself pop tarts are somewhere close to a morning meal and a sweet. We’ll let you decide if you want to munch on these while you’re on your way to or from work.

Get our twofold chocolate pop tarts recipe.
10. Dried fruit Who wouldn’t want to eat more fruit? The dried assortment might be higher in calories and lower in hydration than new, yet they’re a heckuva part more straightforward to eat in the vehicle. ( No seeds or cores to throw away, and no juice dripping down your chin as you search for napkins.)

Look at’s skin-on dried organic product. You’ll get more vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants from their intact skin.
11. Pitted Medjool dates

For something normally sweet, what about a date? One tasty choice is: Medjool dates pitted organically by Joolies. In spite of their wrinkly appearance and chewy surface, they’re new natural products! What’s more, since they’re loaded with fiber, vitamin B6, and cell reinforcements, they’re sound fuel for any place your drive takes you.